About Gustavo Juárez

I was born and grew up in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala, at the shores of the wonderful Lake Atitlan. Since my early years, drawings were my favorite form to express myself. Art allowed me to describe feelings, observations and critics of the reality that surrounded me - better than words could do. In 2013 I came to Austria. In different ways this meant for me, that I was "re-born". To leave everything behind and start with zero is a form of liberation - on the one hand. On the other hand it is an ongoing, difficult process in which I need to learn everything anew, just like a child. To begin with, I had to learn to "communicate" again - in another language. The experience of not having a voice and not being able to express oneself adequately is sometimes hard and painful. This process of development is also refelcted in my paintings.


My works unite utopian with concrete, abstract with realistic elements. At first sight many of my paintings are very otpimistic and cheerful. But when the observer pays attention to the details and reads the message that the painting delivers, one can see a serious, sad and sometimes absurd reality behind the surface.  Sometimes we only see the facade, but it is worth risking a second look at the portrayed situation. Each work makes a question to the observer. One objective of my paintings is making people think - about the painting, about its message and what is has to do with our own lives. The works take a critical perspective on our society and invites the observer to build up their own mind as well.


Childhood and its innocence is one important topic in my artistic work - in our high-tech globalised world sometimes these things get lost. The dreams that we once had as children are still in our hearts - they are the motivation for our lives. But they don't just realize themselves, we have to struggle and work hard to make them come true. Accordingly, the daily routine is another topic in my works, because this routine sometimes make us forget about our dreams and our utopia.


Therefore my motto is "I paint the dreams of my childhood, because now I have the chance to make them come true."





Mar 2019 "Silent Poetry", Exhibition at The Art Gallery Vienna


Nov 2018 "Facets", Exhibition at the Museum of the District Meidling, Vienna


Apr 2018  "Hello Light", Exhibition with Verena Prandstätter, Municipality Mariahilf, Vienna


Feb 2018  "Take time", Exhibition with Ernst Gembinsky and Zoran Lerch, Rearte Gallery, Vienna


Oct 2017  "space-body - body in space", Exhibition with Petra Rasp, Rearte Gallery, Vienna


May 2017   "Moments, in which...", Kunst.Raum.Schaffen, Vienna


Oct 2016  "Rathouse Project", Exposition as part of the "Long Night of Museums" in Austria, Town Hall Gallery, Eisenstadt, Austria; together with Michelle Francillon and Victor Sales


Sept 2016  "Terremotor", exposition by Andrea Mejía Rocha, Gustavo Juárez and Camilo Melgar in Atelier Tigergasse, Vienna


March 2016  "Historias de Guatemala", Exposition by Gustavo Juárez and Camilo Melgar, Art House Project, Eisenstadt, Austria


July 2015  "Dream Clouds", Exposition by Gustavo Juárez and Ana Zecevic, The Art Gallery Vienna


May 2015  "Unreal Reality", Galerie 12, Vienna


April 2015  "Once upon a time...", Kunstraum damani, Vienna


March 2015  "Although time passes...", Atelier Bajadere, Neuhaus im Triestingtal, Austria


January 2015  "Dreammachine", Galerie kunst werk - werk kunst, Vienna


October 2014  "Guatemala - und país enigmático", Lateinamerika Institut Wien


July 2014  "Young Artists", Exposition by Gustavo Juárez, Christian Murzek and N.D.C.M., The Art Gallery Vienna



Participation in Exhibitions


July 2018 arteMIX in Kunstraum in den Ringstraßengalerien, Vienna


Sept 2017  "Art knows no time", Exhibition of the artist's association Atelier 19, Schloss Hernstein


Sept 2017  "1 + 1 = 3", Exhibition with Andrea Mejía Rocha, Gallery KoKo, Vienna


Mar 2017  arteMIX inPalais Palffy, Vienna


Feb 2017  Exhibition for the international day of mother tongues, Rearte Gallery, Vienna


Jan 2017  "Art to Justice", Permanent Exhibition at the District Court in Vienna


Oct 2016   Parallax Art Fair London, International Art Fair at Chelsea Town Hall, London, UK


Oct 2016   Open Studio Days Upper Austria, City Gallery Steyr, Austria


March 2016  "5 years making art", Collective Exhibition celebrating 5 years of the association Kunstschaffen, The Art Gallery Vienna


January 2016  "Art to Justice", Permanent Exhibition at the District Court in Vienna


November 2015  "20 = 40 in 60 x 80", St. Art and Kunstraum damani, Vienna


July 2015  Exhibition of the art collective arteMIX, Brick 5, Vienna


May 2015  "Scream for Change", International Exhibition, Galerie Trash Art, Vienna


January 2015  "Art to Justice", Permanent Exhibition at the District Court in Vienna


October 2014  "Red Carpet for Young Art", Exhibition at the presidential palace (Hofburg) at the austrian national holiday, Vienna


October 2014  "Flowing Art", Exhibition of the art collective arteMIX


June 2014  Participation in "Art 3 - Tour through studios and galleries in the third district", Vienna


March 2014  Exhibition of the art collective arteMIX at Bergerhaus, Gumpoldskirchen, Austria


September 2013 Participation in the 2nd Art View Vienna, Blumengärten Hirschstetten


December 2011  collective exhibition in the "Casa de la Cultura", Panajachel, Guatemala


December 2009  collective exhibition in the "Casa de la Cultura", Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


November 2007 collective exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art "Carlos Mérida", Guatemala City





Mar 2017   Finalist and participant in charity auction of the international art competition "Juannio - Bienal de arte contemporáneo", Guatemala City


January 2016  Finalist and participant in charity auction of the international art competition "Juannio - Bienal de arte contemporáneo", Guatemala City


December 2014  Winner of the "Art against violence"  award of the Austrian Federal Criminal Police Office, Vienna


February 2014  Finalist and participant in charity auction of the international art competition "Juannio - Bienal de arte contemporáneo", Guatemala City


October 2012  Honoring at IV Biennale of indigenous art, Quito, Ecuador


December 2011  Winner of the national art competition of "Casa de la Cultura", category "Free Creativity", Panajachel, Guatemala


December 2009  Winner of the national art competition "Arturo Martínez", Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


November 2007  Third Place in national art competition of Helevetas, Guatemala





2002 Education at Academy „Esencia del Arte“ with Prof. Miguel Angel Ixcot, Quetzaltenango,  Guatemala


2001-02 Education at Academy for Drawing and Painting „El Caracol“ with Prof. Otto Estrada, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


2000  Graduation as graphic designer at Institute „Tecnológico Don Bosco“, Guatemala





Since 2016 ordinary member of Bildrecht


Since 2015 ordinary member of IG Bildende Kunst (national association of artists in Austria)


Since 2014  member of the artist's association Kunstschaffen e.V.


Since 2013  member of the artist's collective arteMIX e.V.