Time passes by

Serie "planting my dreams"

Who sows, will harvest…

Once upon a time, I heard the adults talking: "Only those who sow will harvest." So I started - with the innocence of a child - to plant small coins in the earth, and watered them every day.

I thought that soon I would have a huge tree full of coins. I liked the idea and began to sow more money. But soon I realized, that the only things that grew were greed and ambition.

Lucky me - it didn't work! What would have been of my childhood, if I have had trees of money? Instead, I planted my dreams, watered them and cared for them - they grew up to be trees full of magic.

Serie "clouds of dreams"

In our lives we dream of so much things - but reality is different. The important thing is, never to stop dreaming, but carry our dreams with us at all times. They are not heavy, they don't disturb and they are for free.