Parallax Art Fair London!

From 21 to 23 of October the international art fair Parallax Art Fair takes place at the Chelsea Town Hall. I will present new works on abrasive paper.

From 13 to 16 of October there are the Open Studio Days Upper Austria at the City Galler in Steyr. 15 artists of 8 nations and 3 continents show their works. I am very happy to be part of that event!

Past Events

Exhibition "Terremotor - moved/moving art from central america": Andrea Mejía Rocha, Gustavo Juárez and Camilo Melgar Quinonez show their latest paintings.

New Facade for the "Art House Project" in Eisenstadt

The Art House Project in Eisenstadt is getting a new facade! In July four artists decorated the wonderful Art House at the centre of Eisenstadt. This huge painting is my contribution to that project!

La nueva semantica guatemalteca, 2016
La nueva semantica guatemalteca, 2016

The work "La nueva semántica guatemalteca" (The new semantics of Guatemala) by Gustavo Juárez was chosen as finalist and participant at the charity auction in the latin-america-wide competition of contemporary art "Juannio". Artists of 15 countries participated with more than 200 works.


This work talks about the systemic corruption in Guatemala. Last year the president was "impeached" by peaceful protesters in Guatemala. It is called "la linea" (the line) which was the name of the corruption network that included (among many others) the president, vice president, various ministers and high representatives of different branches of the national bureaucracy. Therefore, a "line" is no longer a "sequence of points on a paper", but synonym for the biggest corruption scandal in the history of Guatemala.

"Historias de Guatemala" (Histories of Guatemala) is an exhibition of two guatemalan artists: Camilo Melgar and Gustavo Juárez at Art House Project Eisenstadt, Austria.